June 20th, 2008

He's Back

Last year around this same time THE FIZIX opened up their doors to the fashion conscious of North San Diego County. This saturday they celebrate their 3 Year Anniversary and mark the day with the release of the lighter version of their shop opener/promo tee, "THE EINSTEIN." 

The hand drawn white version a is a shop exclusive available in mens sizes as well as for the ladies.

"Dropping Science On The Daily"

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June 17th, 2008

Go Green

From Champs to Chumps and back again as Boston take their 17th title. 

Time to get lit..

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June 16th, 2008

El Tigre

I don't know a whole lot about the game of golf. I know it's similar to hoops where the object of the game is to put a ball in through an opening in this case a small hole on a giant lawn. Other than that I wouldn't know a 9 iron from a curling iron, a wedge from a wedgie.

I do know that Tiger was in our backyard swinging a stick winning something major. All that on a bum knee. FORE!!!

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June 9th, 2008


 Jack Attack

With Boston grabbing the early lead over LA back home at the Garden, the Lakers play at their own home tomorrow and look to rally with some home cooking of their own.

The next three games are scheduled to be played in LA with Jack the Laker faithful leading the cheers from celebrity row where his team has been perfect in the playoffs.

The Joker down since day one.

And always keepin' it Shady.  

The hand drawn tee is available on black in men's sizes M/L/XL/XXL

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June 1st, 2008



Is it the Lakers/Celtics rivalry or the Celtics/Lakers rivalry? Whichever form it may be, the phrase returns as these two franchises are scheduled to meet in the finals for the first time in 21 years.

The League couldn't have scripted it any better having their cash cow match-up go head to head for the championship. It's this storied rivalry and marquee match-up who have met in the Finals 10 times in the past. Boston won the majority of those meetings but LA got the last laugh taking the last two in the 80's. Who will be laughing it up this time around? We'll see.

Old School Players to new school fools..

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